Make it Work Wednesday!

What is Make it Work Wednesday?


This is the day that I will give you a glimpse into my Martha side and I will create something fabulous out of something ridiculous that I have around my cluttered chaotic life.  One week it might be some heinous shirt in my closet that gets a re do or maybe a recipe featuring only canned food from my pantry. It’s all a wild card but most importantly I will take on the challenge to make it work!

Why make it work? Why not just toss it?

As a mother of 4, I can assure you nothing goes to waste around here. There are always more uses for something than it was originally intended for. Sometimes the biggest challenge of having 4 is making everything work and run smoothly.  There are days when I just laugh at how I struggled as a new mom. My poor poor oldest was my guinea pig. I had no idea how to raise her but what I did have was this need and want to make it work. Now 3 more babies later, I’ve learned and made it work over and over again and in different ways in the same situations. My goal is to inspire you to look around you and use what you have.

Would you like to be featured on Make It Work Wednesday?

Please email me at jqhi @ wowway .com with your link of how you made it work for you!


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