Chasing a new washer…

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This summer Michael and I will celebrating our 10th anniversary or Love Day as we call it. Neither one of us lived on our own before getting married. On our Honeymoon we purchased our first (and current!) home so all of our appliances are 10 years old. Two years ago our dryer stopped drying. We were waiting for the other appliance to go but we were lucky. This past winter I posted on facebook how I was in need of an oven and a friend offered us her old one. We used our tax money to buy a new refrigerator to go along with our new kitchen floor. Two days ago I went to wash some clothes and the spin cycle wouldn’t kick on. In a large family, laundry piles up before breakfast and after bath time. On a regular day I do between 2-3 loads of laundry. Not having a washer is not an option for us. We were lucky enough to get an offer from a family member but we decided that it was wise for us to invest in a HE Washer. Between the water usage and energy savings we should be able to see some significant savings for what we are already doing.

So as I wait for the new washer to get delivered my new Oh Katy cloth diapers showed up. I love love love these diapers.  They fit Justin’s chubby little legs so well! I wish I could just put him in them full time but that would require a large checkbook! I couldn’t wait for Thursday to roll around so I could wash them for my little chunky butt to wear them so I wash them old school in a bucket! Just some hot water and a teaspoon of Rockin Green and a few minutes of scrub a dub dubing and my diapers were ready.

Now I have 3 huge piles of clothes waiting and growing from here until Thursday. I simply can not wait until my washer is here. It is so funny the things we look forward to as adults. Lately I’ve been putting in some time and effort into my prayers (daily Rosary is my new routine) and my housekeeping (hanging a curtain rod and working on the pantry) and I have to admit I’d a lot happier now. It’s like I’ve finally accepted my vocation and calling from God. I am a mother and a keeper of the home and I’m really happy about that. I’m so blessed in so many ways that I can’t even begin to list them. As I work on my Mother’s Rule it is becoming easier and more fulfilling. Even though I have been a stay at home mother for over 6 years now it’s like God is really trusting me to do His work for him. Being the mom of 5 definitely isn’t for every one but it has been written so for me.


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Chasing praise… Chasing a Martha house and a Mary heart…

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