Chasing a clean laundry room…

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Tomorrow is my first official laundry day. Normally I just do a load or two every day and it’s just crazy!  Now the book I’m reading Large Family Logistics suggests doing 4 by 4 meaning 4 loads washed, dried, and put away by 4 pm. To me this just sounds crazy overwhelming! I’ve never done laundry on only one day ever. I usually just toss in a load of every color and wash.  I’m curious to know if having a laundry day will help me to feel more in control of the laundry or just make me spin into a dirty shame spiral of clothes.

So tomorrow I’m going to wake up early and make friends with my laundry room. I’m going to start the diapers and then clean up the laundry room. Now our laundry room is kind of creepy. It’s not pretty at all. I really wished it looked pretty like the ones on tv but it’s not. It’s a cold floor with a washer, dryer, an old table for folding clothes, some under the stairs storage room, and a litter box. Glamorous I know. But tomorrow it will be my favorite room in the house.

Another key point was to be happy while doing the laundry. Ridiculously sounding as it is I am excited to try to put it into practice. Why should we be happy and joyful about laundry? Well our great grandmothers didn’t have fancy washers and dryers like we have. They had to boil their clothes or take them down to the river to wash. I’m complaining about walking down 10 stairs and there are women today who do their laundry by hand in the river. There is no reason why I can’t march my behind downstairs to start a load, dry a load, and fold it before bringing it upstairs. I think I self sabotage myself about putting the laundry away longer than it actually takes to put it away.

So here is my exciting Saturday:

715 wake up, let puppy out, turn on the coffee pot, and start the diapers in the washer.

745 put diapers in dryer and then start a load of clothes

9oo put away diapers, move clothes to dryer, start load of linens. (I wash sheets every other week regularly but I probably change them a few times a week since we have a toddler who is potty training)

1030 Fold clothes and move linens to dryer

1100 Clean up laundry room. Make it easy to access

During all of this I plan on making a laundry cheat sheet for my 8 year old and my husband. Both know how to read but fail to read the directions frequently. I fully intend on taking Sunday “off”. There will be no set chores to be done. Of course I’m going to pick up the toys or mop up a spill but I want to spend my time enjoying my family. I need to remind myself on the days that my house looks like a disaster that the children are only young once and one day when my house is clean for more than 3 hours during the day I’m going to be sad. No one ever says “I wish I would have scrubbed the toilet more.” but they do wish they would have played more Candyland or sledded down the hill until only hot chocolate could warm you up.

So what are your exciting Saturday plans?


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Chasing a fresh start… Chasing home management…

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