Chasing rules to run a home…

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When I was young I wanted to be a mom above everything else. I dreamed of being a lawyer and a writer. I remember being in second grade and telling my teacher that I was going to Harvard Law. In fourth grade, I wrote books and I wrote lots of them. I went to graduate school to become a teacher right after getting married thinking that kids would be in the future. 9-11 happened right after we got married and it was then that I really thought about starting our family. Now 9 years and 5 children I am at home being a full time homemaker and mother. My days are spent cleaning, cooking, laughing, and hugging. Now the wonderful parts of the day when there is peace in my house bring me lots of joy. The hard parts when everyone is cranky or forgot their listening ears at school are the parts when I start to question what I’m doing.

For me, finding mommy mentors have truly helped me to become a better mom. I read a variety of blogs and I try to apply some of the been there done that moms tricks of the trade to making my life easier. With a house full of kids I need to have things in some kind of order. Am I expecting every day to be perfect? Heck no! I have 5 kids- I’m lucky if I can shower or go potty some days! What I’m expecting of myself is to find a way to help me get 5 kids into adult hood without ended up on Clean House, Hoarders, or Jersey Shore. I want to give them values and ownership of their bodies, lives, and possessions.

Fishmomma at Life As Mom created a morning high five plan that I adapted for us. We are not morning people and asking the girls to get 5 things done before school would just result in them missing the bus. There are days when I don’t think Paige is going to make it out the door with shoes on. So I made us a Good Night Five. If the Good Night Five happen every night I will be so excited! The girls have a hard time getting to bed at night because when you have three little chatty girls in a room it’s like a slumber party every night.

Good Night Five

1. Get homework done/ Story Time

2. Shower, hang towel, get dressed

3. Good Night Chore ( sweep room, put away clothes, clean up toys, etc)

4. Brush teeth and hair

5. Prayers

We started this tonight and I have to say we were successful. So successful that Stephanie laid down for 20 minutes and then came out to do her homework. I’m hoping once we get back into the routine of fall that we can start to add a Morning High Five and introduce more chores to the girls. And maybe even Daddy Blue can get in on the high five because he needs to learn how to put his socks in the clothes basket too!

How did you introduce chores to your children?


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