Chasing cloth diapers…

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My cloth diaper adventure started when I was a baby. Disposables made my little butt rash up so my mom went old school on me with cloth. So when I was pregnant with Julia, who is now almost 8, mom talked me into using cloth. She even bought me my first diaper- a Bumkins All in One from Christine at Snuggle Hugs. 8 years later Christine is still my diaper lady. I’ve tried just about every kind of cloth diaper from the start. Right before Justin was born I went on a cloth diaper binge and I bought a ton of pockets, All in Ones, and some fitteds. I was so excited to have him just to put him in them!

My motivation to cloth diaper comes from a variety of sources:

1. They are so stinkin cute! Seriously boy cloths are not that cute especially after you’ve had 3 girls. Cloth diapers are a great way to be fashionable.

2. To save money- Cloth can be inexpensive if you have restraint. Most of my stash is one size fits all so I should be good for a while and I won’t need to purchase anything new…that is until I feel the need to spice my laundry up.

3. To save the environment When are clothes get dirty do we wash them or buy new ones? We wash them of course! So diapers are the same idea. Lots of people talk about how it doesn’t really matter because you are using water when you wash them but they never take into account the amount of energy and water needed to MAKE a disposable. Not to even mention how long a disposable will sit in a landfill whereas my cloth diapers will be reused over and over again by at least 1 child (my prefolds have lasted 4 kids now) or how cloth diapers can be sold to be used further.

4. To protect my baby’s booty- Paige had awful diaper rash from disposables and so does her little baby brother. If he’s in a Pampers for more than an hour his little man area breaks out into a rash. I feel HORRIBLE when I put him in one (I bought 1 pack before he was born 5 weeks ago and I still have half a pack to go through still) because it just looks like it hurts. When he’s in cloth I have nothing to worry about because there are no chemicals touching his butt. Just soft fleece or cotton.

I know that cloth diapers aren’t the right choice for everyone but they might be the right choice for you.

Have questions about going cloth? Do you already cloth diaper?  Let me know what you think about going cloth!


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