Chasing open letters…

June 14, 2010 at 11:50 pm Leave a comment

Dear Blog,

I am sorry I haven’t written in a while. Yes the computer is fixed and no I didn’t forget about you. It’s hard for me to carve out time some days to shower let alone write. Sure I could come up with something quick and witty but truthfully I like doing that in conversation not in writing. When I started writing you it was to reigniting the passion for writing that I had in high school and college. One day when I’m all alone during the day or at least for a few hours I fully intend on writing more often for pleasure, for cash, for me. But right now you are my little project to keep my mind fresh and ready when I’m able to write.

No I haven’t had writer’s block. Actually I’ve had so many great ideas on what I want to write about. I actually just haven’t had the time.

Isn’t that great? I’m busy with real life. Really I am. Don’t you see the overflowing laundry basket or the dishes in the sink that are soaking while I’m writing to you?

I promise you. I won’t take a huge break off from writing you again. I just needed the time to enjoy life before just writing about it.


Chasing Blue

Dear Baby boy,

I’m so glad you are active now! You were scaring mommy when you were just chillin’ and I’ve had to sit down and do kick counts all day long. In 7-9 short weeks you will be here. I promise we will have a name for you by then. If not, pray that someone dies with a cool name that we can borrow from the death notices.

Love you!


Dear Double Trouble,

It is late. I know we spent a lot of time at the waterpark today and that super late night is what is keeping you up all night. Please just lay down so we can get some sleep. I know your brother will be up in the morning when I make my early morning trip to the potty. You might be able to sleep in tomorrow but I won’t.


your tired Momma

Dear Self,

Get that laundry downstairs and the dishes washed!

Don’t you want to have a blissful morning?

Plus we really need to get you a coffee pot. This no coffee thing is not pretty.


your sleepy super mom of a self


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Chasing updates… Chasing the heart of the home…

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