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April 16, 2010 at 11:07 pm 1 comment

Today’s Friday 5 is all about frugal fun! There are so many things you can do with your kids that cost under $10. My kids love going to places like Bounce City or a Amazone. I love them too because it’s a controlled fun chaos but not every week is that in the budget. And who says fun has to be expensive?

Here are 5 frugal ways to have fun:

1. Play SNAP!

SNAP is a fun game that I picked up from Usborne books. My book lady Jen showed me this game and I had to get it for the girls. We happen to have the fairytale version. It’s super easy to play and it can be up to as many players as you’d like. Now I’m sure you can use a regular deck of cards but we love seeing the pictures of fairies, godmothers, and the ugly sisters. The ugly sisters always produce a big belly laugh out of Stephanie.

The goal is to win all of the cards. Each player gets an equal number of cards to start with and each pile shows the back of the card. Then the youngest player goes first and starts the center pile. For each players turn, he or she places down a card. If the card matches, he or she yells SNAP! and gets the pile of cards. If it is not a match, the next player lays down a card. The object of the game is to collect the most cards.

There are SNAP cards for just about every subject you can think of! Some of them are even in a foreign language. We love to play SNAP! It’s a great game that gets us laughing, talking, and learning together.

2. Chalk time

Right now summer stuff is on sale EVERYWHERE. Last time I popped into Walgreens I picked up a box of sidewalk chalk for $2. We cleared out the toys from the driveway and we just chalked up every inch of concrete.  We played hopscotch, 4 square, and even snuck some writing in. Cheap fun that is easy to clean up- just hose and go!

3. Movie night

Our family loves movie night. Yes we are super lucky that Daddy Blue works for a movie theater and we can go see movies for free. Sometimes Daddy even brings us home movie theater popcorn. But truthfully, we maybe go once a month if that! The last grown up movie we saw together was BEFORE he started working there almost 4 years ago.

We do a simple movie night. We either grab a movie from Redbox or pick a favorite from the huge library of movies we have. Sometimes if we plan it out in time we get something awesome from the library. Then we make a few bags of popcorn that we picked up at the store for about $2. Usually I’ll grab some pretzels from the freezer that I picked up for about a buck and we’ll add some pop. I rarely buy pop for the house but movie night is a treat. We get into our PJs and snuggle up in bed tonight.

4. Library fun

The library is a huge hit with my kids. At our local library you can play with toys, read books, sometimes do a craft, get some movies, and just have a great time. The best part is that it’s TOTALLY FREE! Sure we have over a billion toys and a million books but there is something about the library that gets my kids all excited. The library is up there with going for ice cream.  Check out your local libraries website and you might even be able to hit a story time or another fun family event.

5. Get moving!

Go for a walk together and collect flowers or leaves.

Get on your bikes and ride through the neighborhood.

Meet some friends at the park.

Do some yoga on the deck as a family.

The idea is to get out there and move your body. Kids and adults sit way too much during the day. From work to school to blogging, we sit on our behinds a lot. No one ever got ahead by sitting on their behind. Moving your body is not just good for your body but for your mind and family. Find something that your family can do together and create that healthy habit of movement.

Last year while training for my half marathons I took the kids with me. I ran while they biked. Julia covered 6 miles with me one night. It was amazing. She was my “rabbit” and I had to catch her. We laughed and talked about everything. It was the best time we had all summer.

Now that you’ve read my 5 frugal fun activities, share yours in the comments section. I always look forward to your comments and especially your great ideas!


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  • 1. Kim - In Search of Me in Mommy  |  April 17, 2010 at 10:04 am

    Parks…as you know, in Cleveland, we are blessed to have the MetroParks…One of the best family (and FREE) days was taking a hike…walking a trail, and reading the trail markers and noticing nature. Ending with a walk across the Rocky River via rocks – and only a couple of feet got wet. It was so fun, and completely FREE!!


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