Chasing OM…

April 13, 2010 at 12:58 am Leave a comment

Om is an ancient mantra. In many of our classes we follow the tradition of beginning our classes chanting Om to create a sense of harmony and unity among the students.

When Julia was little I took a Baby and Me yoga class. We had a great time but soon enough Julia was mobile so we had to stop going. Since then I’ve done some yoga videos or tried some yoga downloads but nothing was really what I was looking for.  Last fall Yoga 101 opened up near my house and I emailed them about mommy and me or prenatal yoga classes. At the time there wasn’t anything available but about a month ago I received an email about a prenatal workshop.

I was so excited for this workshop! It was going to be almost 2 hours of me time. Just relaxing, doing some awesome stretches, and enjoying my pregnancy. I even made Michael switch his hours at work to make sure I could go. This was really important to me. I’m hoping to have another un-pain medicated birth and praying for a completely unmedicated birth (each birth I had to have pitocin and it stinks!).  I knew yoga was going to help me find my center and help me to get to my goal.

The workshop was small but just perfect. I was in the middle of the due dates and the only one with kids already! I’m sure saying that I already had 4 probably scared them a little. We did lots of luscious poses like tree, triangle, and some leggy on the wall thing. I have never felt so yummy and hippy trippy as I did leaving the workshop.

I am so glad I decided to add more yoga to my life. I seriously needed the peace and serenity that it brought me. My legs loved me for the run that morning but loved me even more for all of the stretching I did. I am now more confident to do yoga at home- maybe even out on the deck with the kids.

So this week I challenge you do try something you’ve thought about doing but just haven’t found the time for. I think you’ll find that it is worth it to chase the OM  you are craving.


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