Chasing double duty…

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I’m a busy gal just like everyone else I know. As much as I’d like to prepare fancy meals and have a spotless house, I’d have to put the kids in day care to get all of that done. Maybe when I’m a lady of leisure once they will all be in school Michael will get a 5 course meal that doesn’t include jello and tater tots as courses.  That is why I love stuff that does double their intended use. Yes there are things in your everyday life that do more than just clean your teeth or your baby’s bottom. Sadly they are not the same item. 😉

First on the list is toothpaste. Yes my friends toothpaste. Not only does it get your teeth clean but it can get crayon, markers, and PEN off of the walls. Take a step aside Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. You’ve been replaced by something I have at least 10 tubes of in my closet.

To use toothpaste on your walls to clean up the mess artwork, first test in a small spot. I don’t know what kind of paint we painted with but it works fine in our house. Since I didn’t paint your house (and trust me you wouldn’t want me to.  I would have brought Michael with me and he is not a patient painter), test first before you rub off all of the paint. Wet a dishcloth and put about a quarter size dab of toothpaste on it. Then scrub away. You will need to do a rinse wipe afterwards but it totally works. I’ve also cleaned the furniture in the girls room with toothpaste and it looks so awesome now.

Speaking of wipes, baby wipes rock! If you need to get your house ready in 15 minutes or less grab a baby wipe. It can cut the grease and dirt off of just about any surface. Expensive baby wipes are for bottoms and cheap ones are great for quick cleaning.  In a pinch, baby wipes can also wash your walls and give you that awesome sense of clean.

Another great double duty product is used dryer sheets. After use they are clean but have some nice scrubbers on them. It’s perfect for foot floor cleaning- you know- when you use your foot to clean something on the floor so you don’t have to bend over. Admit it you do it.

Being a frugal gal I try to get the most out of everything. I’m so excited when I figure out a new way to use something I already have. It’s like finding a great recipe for some random can of something in the pantry and it works!

So what are your favorite double duty things?


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