Chasing coffee cups…

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I’m a HUGE fan of Caribou Coffee! The coffee tastes great and is always hot. The bakery is delish (nom nom nom for the apple fritters).  In the fall when Paige was not interested in doing her homework we would go to Caribou and eat a brownie and drink coffee to give her something to write about. It was a weekly occurrence and it was so much fun to do something special with her.

Recently Caribou Coffee changed it’s logo and added some fun thoughts on their coffee cups. Today while folding laundry and drinking my old coffee (I bought it at 11am and it’s now close to 2:30), I was struck by some of the thoughts on my cup.

Marshmallows have no nutritional value, and that’s ok.

Spend time with your kids, tomorrow they’re a day older.

Maybe not words to live by exactly but definitely words to think about.

Marshmallows have no nutritional value, and that’s ok.

Too often as a parent I think about the food that I feed my kids. I’m pretty adamant of making sure that they have a fruit and veggie at every meal. I try to have carrot sticks available to snack on at a moments notice. This truly isn’t just for them but for me as well. I’ve struggled with my weight almost all of my life. I was constantly close to going off the edge and ending up with an eating disorder. Even today I have a hard time with food and gaining weight.

Of course I eat junk food like most everyone else I know. When I do I feel so guilty about it. It usually makes me sick to my stomach to eat that crap but I always do. I control what comes into my house so why do I even let it happen? It’s the constant internal battle that I struggle with that revolves around food.

So is it okay to eat a marshmallow? or a handful of chips? or something that is not healthy? It is. It is perfectly fine as long as you balance it out with the healthy stuff. It’s okay to enjoy the junk food as long as it doesn’t control your life.  I always feel self conscious about what I’m eating or what my children are eating when we are out at the park with other mothers. I don’t need to be. Marshmallows are okay.

Spend time with your kids, tomorrow they’re a day older.

Last week was spring break for my children. Tomorrow as much as I am happy to see the chaos go I’m not happy to see my kids go back to school. We have had so much fun over the past week. My oldest has grown out of playing at the park. This makes me so sad. She used to love going to the playground with her sisters and brother. Now she’s too old for it.

My middle two are starting to become best friends and playing with each other. Yes there has been some hair pulling but for the most part they can’t stand to be away from each other.

Baby Jason is not really a baby anymore. He enjoys being outside. He loves to chase his sisters as well as the cat and dogs. He’s grown up so much and he’s only 20 months old.

Some days it’s hard to remember them as babies. Some days it’s hard to believe that I’m old enough to have a 7 year old. They grow up too quickly and they change before we know it. My goal is to take a little more time every day to enjoy them being little. Soon enough they will be out in the world with their own families.
Who would have thought a coffee cup would give me so much to think about!

What are your thought-provoking thoughts of the day?


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