Chasing spring break…

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This week my girls were on spring break. It’s been super busy with everyone in the house. I wanted to make this week special for them because most of the day they don’t get to see each other.

Sunday- We went to the movies LATE like after 9:30pm.  They were so super excited to go late and get to stay up. The theater was empty so we could be as loud as we wanted. We went in our PJs and had a blast. Sure, Jason and Steph fell asleep but they had fun.

Monday- We went to the crap craft store.  It was a rainy day and they were in the crafty mood. Somehow they each blew their $3 budgets. We got lots of fun things to make and some cool Easter stuff.

Tuesday- BOWLING! Last time we went bowling they loved it. This time not so much. There were tears and tantrums. Such as life for a family of 6. It happens. We cry, pout, and go home and of course by the time we get home it’s all over with.

This was also the night we had ice cream for dinner. Yes ice cream for dinner. We decided to forget about the broccoli, peas, and lasagna. We went to Malley’s to sit on the carousel(which was full) and to indulge in delicious ice cream and chocolate. I have a feeling the Easter bunny picked up some candy for the kids as well. Seriously, Malleys chocolate is so delicious. I truly hate Oreos but when they are drenched in Malleys chocolate I could eat 100 of them. Same for the chocolate covered twinkies.

Wednesday- We went to the local horse stable to learn about horses. Julia loves horses and she was so happy to learn more about them and to touch them. Jason also got a kick out of touching a horse’s nose. He was napping when we got there so the look on his face when he woke up for priceless- intrigue and terror combined!

After the stables we got out all of the white shirts that were stained and we tie dyed them. It was so much fun! We did different designs with the rubber bands and experimented with different colors. Days later I still have dye under my nails and Jason has a purple streak on his head. The girls are dying to do more dying.

Thursday- Fun day with dad! We went to playgroup, Dunkin Donuts, Mr. Hero’s (roman burger nom nom nom), and the park to play. We were beat but then it was sleepover time at Aunt A’s house.

Friday- This will be another fun day at the park. The kids are super excited. It’s a park we haven’t been to in a long time.

This week has been crazy busy but fun. My house is a wreck but my kids are so happy. I truly hate to see them go back to school on Tuesday.

What did you do special for spring break?


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