Chasing pantry dinners…

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This week kicks off my pantry challenge!  My goal is to use up as much of my pantry as possible to make room for some yummy sales.  Grocery shopping is like clothes shopping – you can break it up into seasons. Late fall/early winter is baking season. Summer is ketchup/mustard/hotdog season. Late summer/early fall is back to school season (snack bars, kid crack fruit snacks, and fun treats).

Having a pantry is a great way to stock up and save. If your favorite jar of sauce is on sale, pick up a couple to have on hand. Applesauce a good price? Get as many as you have need and room for! A few weeks ago I picked up 5 giant jars of applesauce for less than $8. I’m down to just 1. Having the room to stock up allows you to always have something for dinner. Even if it’s just a spur of the moment meal.

Winter tends to be soup season and right now I have about 15 cans of soup in my pantry. Anything from fun noodle soups to cooking soups to about 10 Ramen packs.  Cans take up space and space is not something we take for granted in the Blue Household. Plus, these items are already paid for so it won’t be coming out of my grocery budget for the week. This makes me happy. Eating from your pantry allows you to get creative, clean out the stuff your family doesn’t like to give to a food bank, and make room for new stuff to try out.

From canned goods to boxes of what not, my goal is to use up 15 pantry items this week. As the week progresses I’ll give you the menu, the items used, and maybe a recipe or two to get your pantry challenge going as well.

Here’s my menu for the week:

Sunday- Steak and noodles with gravy

Monday- Ribs and mashed potatoes

Tuesday- Mini chicken pot pies

Wednesday-??? and Irish Nachos (I need something for St. Patrick’s Day!)

Thursday-Hawaiian Luau Pork Chops

Friday- Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Nothing terribly fancy but between the freezer and the pantry I really only have to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies and something special for Wednesday. Plus maybe a box of Lucky Charms for breakfast on Wednesday.

This week’s grocery budget is $35. Do you think I can make it?


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