Chasing perfect days

March 13, 2010 at 1:18 am 1 comment

Today was one of those days that started off with such potential and just ended up a big old hot mess.  I’m sure I was not the only one today with such a day nor was mine as dramatic as I think it was. But at the end of the day, I’m tired and beat from it all.

The day started great as my newly attuned internal alarm clock woke me up about 7am. I decided to just lay around in bed until absolutely the last second- 8:07. Sometimes I think to myself that I should just get out of bed because it’s not like I ever fall back asleep or if I do I don’t get any useful sleep out of it. Daddy Blue left for work and Julia got on the bus for school. The sun was out and the day had the potential of being perfect.

While Baby J and the girls played on the deck, I cleaned up the kitchen from top to bottom. Then we had to clean up outside and Baby J was not happy. He likes playing outside. He likes it a lot and fussed about coming in. I made a mental note to find a good chair to put on the deck or in the garage for this summer so I can enjoy the outside as well.

After showering and a quick living room clean up, we were out the door for the mall. We were actually there on time and ready to play at 11am. Our friends started rolling into the play area so the moms chatted while the kids played. Baby J had a fascination with trying to escape the play area as well as giving cute looks to the ladies with food.

After an hour of playtime we all head on up to the food court. Since the fall we’ve done these PTA Friday Fun days because a lot of the kids are off of school. Normally we go to a different mall when it’s mall Friday so the moms were excited to check out a new food court. The kids were excited for McDonalds. The lure of those toys is amazing. You’d think they were dusted in gold the way they are coveted by the kids.

As for me, I was undecided as usually. Of course it was a Friday in Lent so that limited my options until I took a sample. Darn it! I did this last week too. I took a sample without thinking and it was MEAT!!!! At that point I figured what the heck (I’m pregnant so I don’t have to follow the rules but still I’m a follow the rules kind of girl) and I got some Bang Bang Chicken at the Thai place. It was good but about 5 bites into it  I was over it. Sigh…J enjoyed it though. All of the noodlely goodness plus spicy chicken plus the Happy Meal he stole from the girl sitting across from him and the Happy Meal portions he got from his sisters made J a happy boy.

Then the fighting started. I am sure the people at MCD’s thought they were doing us a favor by giving the girls different toys but truthfully that just makes it harder. A fight started out between Steph and Paige over the iCarly cell phone. After about 15 minutes of it I was done and J was cleaned up. We left our friends at the mall and went home. Somehow between the food court and the parking lot they had settled the fight and Steph got to hold the phone in the car. Yippee the day was saved and we could get back in the sunshine.

After we got home, two little ones were asleep and one played PBSkids while mommy swept the floor. Hard wood floors are beautiful but they are a lot of work- especially when they are unfinished. At this time I could feel a headache coming on. It was light but noticeable. I really wanted for Steph to lay down with me to nap but I was expecting the door lady to come over. That was okay because eventually a bath, 3 pills, and a half nap later I was better.

Now as I’m wrapped up the night I’m searching for Daddy Blue’s work keys. Thinking like a 18 month old has gotten me to check the freezer, the playhouse, a variety of drawers, the laundry, and front yard.

I’m hoping these keys magically appear in the morning and tomorrow can be that day of perfection I’m looking for. Or at least a cute pair of summer shoes will find me.


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  • 1. Email From The Embassy  |  March 13, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    Visiting from SITS. Why do they give different toys, anyway? You’re right – the kids just fight over who got what.


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