Chasing Sunday

March 8, 2010 at 10:39 am Leave a comment

Sundays are supposed to be days of rest. For me, Sundays are quite busy! It’s our only full day with Daddy Blue. Some Sundays are totally boring and others are just busy from the minute the alarm goes off until we crawl into bed.

Today was filled with ECF (religion class) for Julia and Michael. My back and tummy were hurting from the day before. After ECF, Daddy and Julia picked up some donuts and coffee. Hooray! While Daddy and Julia were gone we were creating our own bundle of chaos at home.

After Julia and Daddy left for ECF I realized that our toilet in the beautiful bathroom were leaking. Sigh That means a call to my daddy-  Daddy.  Daddy Blue is not a handy type of guy. Just because you can go to the Kmart and buy a drill does not make you a handy man. However I’m lucky to have Daddy around to make everything better.

So while we were waiting for Daddy to come over we had to search for shoes for Bunny.  Tackling the shoe box plastic bin and sadly getting rid of my cherry red Doc Martens (sniffle sniffle my feet are just too big for them now) from high school and two pairs of weird winter boots, bunny’s feet were protected. Baby J had just pooped and needed a bath so when he greeted Daddy at the door without any pants on it was quite the riot.

After Daddy saved the day and I moved the Nativity scene that was finally uncovered by snow, we showered and got dressed to go to my nephew’s birthday party.  It was nice to get out of the house, eat cake, and not have to worry about cleaning up. After lunch, cake, presents, and 1 cranky Baby J, we came home to rest.

Well, some of us rested. Baby J and Steph took a nap. I was so jealous. But at the same time I was super excited because Daddy Blue went out to buy a new bed for J. (At that time he also thought a power drill was also necessary. We will see how necessary it is after he gets my drillin’ chores done!) J made it through the night in his bed. We are so proud of our big boy!

So now that our stressful Sunday is over I can’t wait to get back to the scheduled fun of the week.  I’m not normally a schedule kind of girl but there is something comforting knowing what is ahead of you. Sure my days are not perfect and precise but the general flow of knowing when preschool starts, stops, and starts again helps me to plan out my days.

This week will be filled with the same it always is- cleaning, preschool, meetings, thinking about what’s for dinner, and hanging out at the Giant Eagle. However this week I think will be more joyful as Spring is about to move into Ohio. With the sun shining and the snow melting I’m sure we’ll get off routine a little bit.


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