Chasing plastic

March 6, 2010 at 6:33 pm Leave a comment

My name is Nicole and I’m a plastic bin junkie.

It all started when I had my oldest. I needed a place to put her old clothes because I was certain I’d have more children.  15 plastic bins of clothing later- my garage and under the steps is packed.  It’s amazing how many outfits my children have gotten over the years. I rarely buy clothes for any of us but some how the amount of plastic bins is growing.

We recently had our ultrasound done and we are having a boy. I told myself prior to the ultrasound that which ever sex the baby was not I would pare down the clothing and toys.  This weekend I decided to work on the clothes.

It took me at least 4 hours to sort though 4 plastic bins of clothing. This was at least HALF of what I used to have. In 2007 our basement flooded (known as the Great Flood of 07) and we had to pitch a lot of toys and clothing because they were gross or we had no room to store them.  I first went through and got rid of the clothes that were stained and threw them out. Then got rid of the clothes that were out of style or not cute enough to keep.  Then I had to go through them again to make room. I settled on 1 big bin for sizes newborn through 3T and one for sizes 4 and up that the girls were able to wear now.

In my extra room in the basement I currently have 3 extra-large garbage bags full of clothing to donate. I have one partial one ready to fill.

As I dragged the plastic bins to the garage I saw the 5-6 bins of boys clothes and I got kind of excited. In a few months Little Brother (LB) will be here. Then as he grows I can start going through those clothes and condensing down.

It’s hard being a mom of almost 5 kids but it’s even harder being a minimalist with 5 kids.


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