Chasing changes

March 5, 2010 at 10:58 pm 1 comment

Wow life has truly gotten away from me when it comes to blogging. I’ve come to my blog countless times over the past few months with nothing to write. Some exciting things are happening in the Blue house but nothing I was ready to share with my blog life.

This fall my husband switched his jobs up.   He is now full time at the part time job and part time at the full time job. He’s a lot happier now which is a blessing for the rest of the family. His schedule is all strange hours but he’s only doing 2 doubles instead of 3 so this is big for him.

Last month he went to Tennessee for training.  Soon enough my award winning husband (at work- as much as he’d like a medal for putting his socks in hamper I don’t give out medals for stuff the kids can do) will be a general manager with his own theater.  With job promotion we have the possibility of moving from the city I’ve lived in all of my life to a new city or state. It’s a scary thrilling invigorating experience that I’m open to!

Another scary and exciting experience coming the Blue family way is Little Brother. Yes baby #5 is on the way.  We weren’t shocked by any means because we do know how this happens but once again the first time I ovulated after having a child resulted in a baby.  I’m going to have eggs until I’m 80 at this rate!

The word on the street is that it’s a boy. Right now things have been going well but we’ve had some recent test results that are questioning that right now. We are praying that all will be well for the next 21 weeks.  I’m still running albeit slowly and I still have plans for a 10k and a couple of 5ks this season.

In December, Steph and boomboom parted ways. She still loves to hug her and she talks about nursing but she hasn’t done it since before Christmas.  Somehow she knew it was hurting me and the baby by nursing so much and she didn’t want to hurt us. Now I’m just hoping Jason choses to stop before LB gets here. If not, I’m sure I’ll just freak some nurses out while tandem nursing in the hospital.

As for the rest of the Blue family, they are getting bigger, cuter, smarter, and stronger. I truly can not wait for summer so I can have all of my children together. As peaceful as school days are around here, I miss the chaos, tickles, kisses, fights, and love that surround my days.


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Chasing pumpkins… Chasing plastic

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  • 1. Kim - In Search of Me in Mommy  |  March 6, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    Woohooie Eggs until you are 80…lookout! You could beat the Duggers 🙂 I hope all is ok with LB and all tests came back more positive! And…summer – I can not wait! Also, thanks for the organizing tips – I might have to bug you to see copies of your daily schedule. 🙂 Kim


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