Chasing cake…

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So last week I was really focusing on my cake recipe.  I think I made cupcakes with my secret ingredient (no I’m not telling you! It’s a secret!) about 4 times. I had cupcakes in beautiful tilt a whirl baking cups coming out of my ears! They were moist, beautiful, and dense. 😦 Dense is a great feature of a pound cake but not a cup cake. I worked on that recipe all week tweaking it in hopes of getting the texture right.  The secret ingredient makes a tasty little crunch on the bottoms. Unexpected but flavorful.

Almost perfection



I gained 5 pounds last week! EEEEKK!!! That’s like 50 cupcakes! I certainly did not eat that many did I? I may never know but I made sure that no cupcakes were made until Friday.  When I found the urge to bake I made pumpkin cinnamon rolls. I knew I had gone too far when I started eating the 3rd one so I took the left over’s to a friend’s house.  She happily ate them and gave me her comments.


I made a pumpkin pie with a hungry girl recipe that turned out less than stellar (Fiber1 crusts are not tasty. Don’t let anyone fool you.)  However the pumpkin filling would be perfect for rice pudding. It’s so fun to take a weakness and turn it into a strength!

For some reason it’s necessary for me to get feedback on my baked goods. I feel like my taste buds are not enough because really now I’ve eaten my fair share of stuff I didn’t like because it was in front of me. I’m terrified of hearing my stuff is crummy but then I still make it and force it upon people.

I crave the need to hear it’s good. I want to be a good baker. I love to bake. It’s so sciencey and that’s not me. Maybe that’s why I like it.

When my husband and I first got married, we both were horrible cooks! But somehow over the years I’ve gotten better and more adventurous. This year I’ve branched out and made a lot of homemade stuff- tortillas, english muffins, bread, cinnamon rolls, and cake.

I am a good baker. I just need to lay off the cake!


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