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We don’t go out a lot. When we just had J and P it was a lot cheaper to go out and do things with the kids. For some reason fun = money around here and money is not as easy to come by! I swear every time I leave the house and I spend at least $20 so somedays it’s safer to stay home.

Amazone is a great indoor playground about 25 minutes from the house. At $7 a pop ($4 for Baby J) it’s not too bad until you pay for 3 kids! We did have a coupon for $1 off but that just basically paid for Baby J to get in. It’s definately a fun place to go but a killer on the budget. Today was the first day in months that all of the kids were off of school. We packed up and headed out to play with some friends.

Then lunch rolls around. I packed as many fruit snacks and graham crackers as I could but it still did not mask the smell of pizza. So $22 later for pizza and pop we were snacking.  Sure we could have left and ate at the Burger King across the street for a little less but the time involved in going somewhere else to save $3-$5 was better spent at Amazone.

After Amazone, we needed gas. When I did the Akron Marathon I received 2 coupons for free smoothies or coffee at Sheetz. WOOT! There was a Sheetz down the street so we got $10 in gas and $6 in free drinks! The Orange Cream Smoothie for the kids and  a latte for Momma!

So me, being the frugal ish woman that I am, figured “hey we are only 20 minutes from Great Harvest now. We should go.” So we did. I picked up some Honey Wheat, Honey White, and Apple Scrapple. The kids were slightly wired from the smoothie and Amazone which created 3 minuets of chaos in Great Harvest. No bread nor children were harmed however I think the workers were concerned for my well being. 🙂 $16 for 3 loaves of bread is a lot but the bread is worth the drive and the money once you taste it.

The ridiculous amount of money spent today is really just a drop in the bucket for some. For us, this was a very very special day out that won’t be repeated for a long time and that’s okay. I’m so lucky to have kids that just love playing together. The best and most expensive gift I have given them is each other. Even when they are beating the snot out of each other, my kids love each other with every ounce of their being.


Now remember for November we are doing the grocery challenge and since it’s November 3, the food purchases come out of the $200. YIKES! This is why we don’t eat out that often!


$200- 16 (bread)-22 (Amazone)= $162


It’s going to be a creative month!


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