Chasing balance

October 10, 2009 at 12:44 pm 1 comment

Being the mother of 4 I have learned that much of my time is focused on finding balance.

Balance between motherhood and womanhood

Balance between housework and homework

Balance between kisses and reprimands

A lot of my time is spent alone with the children and this can cause some stress. I am so blessed to have a husband that is willing to work two jobs so that I can stay home with the children. I do work 3-6 hours a week at a job I love outside of the home but my children always come first.

It is very difficult for me to leave them most of the time because I’m so used to their company.  We sing silly songs in the car and play goofy games while waiting to go into school. Paige has developed a fondness for Caribou Coffee Mint Condition brownies which works out nicely for me since I have a Caribou Coffee habit!

A few weeks ago our family took a big leap of faith and my husband went full time at his part time job and part time at the full time job. This didn’t necessarily increase our income but it gave us greater potential to make more money in the future and possibly move in the future. So scary but worth it.

With Michael gone a few nights a week and almost every work day, I have to go just about everywhere with the kids. Somedays it’s easy peasy!. Other days like this morning it’s just not in the cards. My children and I tend to be a packaged deal- if you get me they come with and vice versa. Most of the time I don’t go anywhere that I can’t nurse Jason or have to yell at the girls to be quiet. On that rare occasion we are invited to places that require calm kids!

We were invited to an awesome wedding run in the park. Michael got in late from work for the second night in a row and some how I woke up with 3/4 of my children in my bed. Ouchie on my back! We slept in a little and it was cold out so we took our time getting ready to go. I was going to have to go alone because Michael had to go back to work. No big deal- until the fighting started.

Paige is a special little girl who can be sweet as can be and then flip flop into a meltdown queen. Today the queen came out to play. As much as I wanted to go to the run I knew that I couldn’t do it.  I felt so guilty not going. I just knew that I couldn’t take them out today and potential ruin a very special day for someone else. I hope they do not think that I just didn’t care enough to come. That is not the case.

I had to pick between being a good friend and being a good parent. I had to find that balance. I had to put my want for going to celebrate to the side and make the best decision for everyone.

So today as I walk the teeter totter of life, I hope to balance the highs and the lows and not fall off before bed!


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  • 1. Angry Julie Monday  |  October 17, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    Stopping over from SITS! Happy Saturday! Working and managing kids in between everything can be very hard.


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