Chasing order…

September 7, 2009 at 1:53 am 1 comment

As much as I like to say I love to be organized I’m not. Okay I am but it’s more of an organized chaos. It’s never wise to stop over while I’m in the middle of an organizational project. You could get lost in the mess…I mean cleaning.

For this lovely birthday 3 day weekend my husband and I took baby Jason out to Shintos. It’s a hibachi style restaurant. Jason tends to tag along because he’s quiet and quite honestly cries if he’s not with me. It was delish but set us back about what I would spend on groceries for a week. OUCH! I’ve been sick to my stomach about it since we went out last night. It was delish and I enjoyed myself while I was there but I just feel so guilty and awful about it.

Normally any emotion sends me into a shame spiral of eating crap however today I spiraled into the itch to pitch. I threw out so much stuff you would not believe. I got rid of anything broken, missing eyes (you know what I’m talking about- toys with their eyes eaten by the dogs!), torned, ugly, and generally not donate-able. Everything else that didn’t move and was unneeded was tossed into the donating pile.

For once, I actually did this right BEFORE they were coming to pick up stuff! Hooray!  A win for me!!!! I honestly feel so cleansed emotionally and physically. Remember the less you have the less you have to clean.  I even got the girls to donate some stuff animals that they never play with. We still have tons of them but maybe one less ton.

So as you find yourself in a shame spiral of spending snap out of it! Get the itch to pitch and feel better about yourself. Eating those chips will just send you into another spiral. After the itch to pitch, you’ll look around and feel so good about yourself. And by then all of the big baggy (or too small or too ugly) clothes will be gone and you’ll be fabulous once again.


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Chasing me… Chasing motherhood…

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  • 1. Connie  |  September 11, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    I love to pitch stuff. It makes me feel so good and I generally do it when I’m mad…or my husband starts talking about layoffs.

    Have a great weekend and welcome to Bloggers on the RUN!


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