Chasing fresh starts…

August 15, 2009 at 9:40 pm Leave a comment

Last week I had a great running week. All of my runs felt fluid and natural until Saturday. Saturday’s run hurt. It was painfully slow and made me want to cry.  I finished 5 out of 9 miles. Disappointment and frustration came over me. I hate missing runs but I would have rather missed it than suffered through it like I did.

This week’s speedwork and easy run didn’t leave me feeling any better. My ankles felt like busted open and my knees were going to crumble into dust. I was slow and miserable.  I questioned myself on whether or not I really wanted to continue. But of course I did. I love to run. I really do. It makes me feel so good about myself even if I catch a glimpse of my slowness in the shadows on the ground.

A week of crazy stress had me hating my favorite way to destress until today.  This weekend’s running choices were 3 or 9 miles with whichever distance I didn’t do one day it was to be done the next. It was hot and I had the opportunity to just bolt out the door so I went with the 3.

3.25 miles in 40 minutes and that included traffic issues. Sure it’s not the fastest but for me and the heat it was ridiculously amazing! I felt the sweat turn into crystals and my legs reach a little further in my stride than normal. Fluid legs and swift arms made for a crystal princess run that I was so proud to finish.

Tomorrow will be an early (ugh!) run BEFORE church with Jason in the new jogging stroller. My sister in law found me one at a garage sale for $15! It’s a single which is great for when it’s just me and Jason. I feel silly pushing a double with one kid!


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