Chasing babies…

August 8, 2009 at 1:17 am Leave a comment

This afternoon was filled with laughter, tears, quesdillas, and cupcakes!

Normally my house is filled with all of these things or a variation of them but today it was BURSTING since I was babysitting my 2 nephews and my niece. That’s right the Blue house was overrun by 7 kiddos!  Luckily it started off good with the babies (Jason is almost 1 and Jessie is just a few months old)) so making dinner was easy.

Giant Eagle had tortillas on sale for $1 so I couldn’t pass that up! I cooked up some ground turkey and then dropped in about a 1/3 cup of ranch and 1 cup of salsa. I pulled out the trusty quesadilla maker and loaded up a tortilla with the turkey, some cheddar cheese, and some left over Taco Bell sauce to make some yummy easy kid friendly dinner. My nephew is like the pickiest kid on the block (he won’t eat mashed potatoes or anything that might resemble a veggie) and he asked for 3rds!

Did you know that you can get decent size cheddar bites by pulsing it in the food processor? I always buy blocks of cheese because I hate the texture and price of shredded cheese. I had a cheese grater but the darn thing broke so I was stuck slicing the cheese and that just doesn’t always work. So the lightbulb went off and told me to use the food processor! Genius I tell you! I love cheese and it makes the perfect pieces of potential gooey-ness.

Then after dinner and playing it was cupcake time. Which also became drama time. There were 2 blue, 2 green, and 2 pink frosted vanilla cupcakes. And of course everyone wanted the blue ones. After much arguing, crying, and finally accepting that they all tasted the same, there was peace again.

I love my kiddos and I definately want another baby but I remember why God usually only gives you one baby at a time.

Now that my little bit of yoga is done for the night, it’s time to get to bed! This weekend promises to be exciting with 9 miles on the books, a toy study to do, and a weekend adventure with Michael and the kids. I even think a big breakfast is in order!


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Chasing dinner… Chasing fresh starts…

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