Chasing trains

July 9, 2009 at 12:09 am 1 comment

Last week was a great running week for me. I felt strong and alive. I didn’t miss a run and I found time to do it. Then we went camping (for the first time ever as a family!) with some of my runner friends. We hiked a little (me with Jason in the sling) and KAYAKED!!!! Kayaking was so amazingly cool. Even though I kept on going in circles and almost hit a car (don’t ask!) I had a great time. The bonus of it all was that Michael went into the camping trip thinking he was going to hate it and ended up loving it! I think we might just become an outdoorsy family.

We ate dinner SO late tonight but I think that is just what happens in the summer. Life is so much more laid back without the pressure of school for the girls. Also Michael has been coming home and working out right away so that gives me a little more time to play around before dinner being ready. Normally we eat at 5:30 right after Michael gets home from work and gives us kisses.

I packed up a super yummy dinner of turkey sandwiches, fruit snacks, string cheese, carrots, celery, and apples. Simple but filling! We also got ice cream sandwiches for treats! Hooray for coupons and gift cards! I splurged on some coffee for a pick me up knowing that I had to run after the park.

We are so lucky to live in a city with tons of parks. Each one is a little bit different but awesome. Tonight’s park had a bathroom (hooray! Steph is almost fully potty trained so this helps a lot) and a 1/4 mile track. Michael told me he’d play with the girls and Jason and I could run. Yippee! Of course this meant 16 laps but that I would miss out on playing with the girls. I knew that the girls were sick of me so off I ran!

The first 4 laps were achy but that’s normal for me. This just reminded me that if I wanted to break my PR on Sunday that I’d have to do a good warm up! Within each lap I ran faster for 1 minute. This was a fun little game for me. I would cruise for most of the lap but then when I got to the little curve in the road I’d take off!

I’d run much faster than I had been going but not all out. Running all out scares me. I don’t know if it’s because I just like to run or if I think it might make me want to work harder. Some days I want to be faster but most days I just want to enjoy myself.

Most of the laps were uneventful but the last lap I was blessed with 3 little runners as coaches. We were running and talking when Julia noticed a train coming! We have trains coming by near our house but not close enough to see how big they are! This park happened to have a set of train tracks parallelto the path we were on.

So that was it. We had to run faster than the train! Luckily for me and my tired legs, it was a slow train. But that didn’t matter much to the girls. They were so loud and carefree running for the sake of moving. It reminded me about what summer used to be like as a kid. Each day full of exciting things to do and see. Learning something new without cracking open a book is a simple joy that kids get to experience every single day.

Chasing trains was the best way to end my workout. Now I can feel just like Superman!


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Summer Glow Boot Camp at Chasing prayers

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  • 1. Leah  |  July 12, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    I love kayaking and I did it a LOT last summer! I hope to do it more this summer after I get married. It’s a wicked arm work out eh?


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