Mommas get stressed out too!

June 14, 2009 at 4:10 pm Leave a comment

When you have 4 children things can go from easy peasy to super stressed in a matter of minutes. Sometimes seconds depending on the situation.  Today has been one of those days from the very start!

I am just overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s with everything that has to be done around here and sometimes it’s from the guilt of not getting everything done. Right now it’s the middle of afternoon and I’m finally sitting down to a cup of coffee. Michael (my husband) is out at the waterpark with the girls. Jason is sleeping on my bed while I’m typing. I’d decided and changed my mind about 4 times with what I am going to do being home alone. First it was a nap that quickly turned into going to the grocery store. Then a run on the treadmill became a run outside in the sunshine.

Sometimes even when you are tired it’s important to exercise (or run in myc case). It can pep you up and makes all of the stress that’s making you tired go away.  Even if it’s a no so stellar work out, it helps to clear your mind. I can’t even list all of the ideas and problems I’ve solved while out on a run.

The afternoon run actually got cancelled as the water was too cold for the kids to play in for too long. We ended up going to the mall for Jason’s monthly pictures, a bite to eat, and then home for a movie.

After the movie I took the littlest ones on a quick 3 mile run. It’s so nice to have “one on two” time with the kids while I exercise. Stephie talked to me the whole run. We counted the porch geese and talked about everything. For almost 3 years old, she’s has a lot of things to say.

Tomorrow will be a lovely 5 mile run with Julia on her bike. It amazes me how much energy is stored in a 6 year old.  I hope we can talk and work out some of the stress before a late lunch at the park!


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This is me, this is me, this is me and my energy! Life is too short

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