This is me, this is me, this is me and my energy!

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Any mom of kids under the age of 8 knows who Laurie Berkner is. For those of you who don’t, she’s a great children’s singer songwriter that writes songs about being silly, being a kid, and being alive! There is nothing better than knowing you are full of energy when you are a kid!  They show off their energy in the most creative and unusual ways. From jumping on beds to climbing the walls like Spiderman, they let their energy flow out from within to accomplish things that grown ups only wish they had the energy for or the courage to do.

But how do they fuel this energy? How can they do it on such little food? How can they refuel without over fueling?

When I’m training for an event ( I recently completed two half marathons), I try to make conscious choices to eat foods that are good for me. However I kind of stink at listening to my body’s cues for when to finish. Sometimes the reward after a good workout is something yummy.

I over indulge. Yes. Yes I do. That is why I’m the weight I am with the workouts I complete. My problem is stopping when I’m full. I’ve lost that internal fullness meter that children have!

That is the great thing about kids. They know when they are full. They trust their hunger signals and stop when they are full.

I remember being a member of the clean plate club as a child. Such a proud member I was. I hated to disappoint my mother. I was always the one to eat just that last little bit of dinner so it didn’t have to get put away as leftovers. This helped me to gain weight over my middle school and high school years. I lost that fullness meter and replaced it with a meter of people pleasing. The funny thing is I wasn’t pleasing my mother. Sure in the short term I was but my weight has always been a source of my imperfection that she constantly critizes me for.

So when I became  a mom so very long ago I told myself that I wouldn’t make my kids a member of that awful club. I would let them eat until they were done. No more clean plates! No more forced feedings! No more unhealthy healthy eating habits!

My children are not members of the clean plate club. They are members of the “mommy cleans our plates for us club.” Ugh. I’m not just the president I’m a member.

So for the rest of the month my personal challenge is to get kicked out of the clean plate club. I want to eat when I’m hungry and that’s it.  When I’m bored or happy or angry or in the kitchen I don’t have to eat. I don’t have to eat off of the kids plates.  I have to love my body as much as I love my kids. I wouldn’t let them eat everything in sight so why should I?


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